A Bold Transportation Vision in 5 Big Moves

Transportation technology is always evolving. By embracing these advances,
the 5 Big Moves – 
Complete CorridorsTransit LeapMobility HubsFlexible Fleets,
and the Next OS –  can be used as part of a new framework for the San Diego region,
one that will enhance connectivity, increase safety and sustainability within transportation,
and improve overall quality of life.

Concept Illustrations

Explore sample scenes to see what the new vision’s features might look like on a highway, major street, or in urban or suburban community centers. Many features could be applied across location types and at different scales to best fit and serve the surrounding community.

Vea las ilustraciones de los conceptos en español. 

Concept illustration of a Complete Corridor

The 5 Big Moves

Explore each of the 5 Big Moves in depth:

Complete Corridors

Transit Leap

Mobility Hubs

Flexible Fleet

Next OS