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Here you can explore tools and resources for developing our regional transportation vision. To engage with our team, you're invited to participate in an upcoming virtual community chat session or share your ideas by email or participating in an upcoming public meeting. See below for more information!

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Participate in an upcoming Virtual Vision Lab Community Chat session to speak directly with members of the regional plan team. Designed as time for open discussion, you can join staff and a small group to discuss your questions and walk through available tools and resources. To ensure each participant has an opportunity to speak, registration is limited to 40 people per session. Spanish-speaking staff are available in each session.

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SANDAG developed the Vision for the 2021 Regional Plan through a data-driven process that analyzed where people live and work, how they get around, what transportation infrastructure exists, what is needed to serve future growth, and more.

Feedback from residents, employers, and stakeholders across the San Diego region identified transportation challenges. SANDAG analyzed this input along with other data and used innovative planning techniques to identify solutions that respond to the unique needs of our wonderfully diverse communities. The result is a comprehensive vision that unites the 5 Big Moves and leverages technology to create a safe, resilient, and socially equitable transportation ecosystem.

Staff presented the data-driven process for developing the Vision at a joint meeting of the Transportation, Regional Planning, and Borders Committees on August 7. The Vision for the 2021 Regional Plan will be presented to the SANDAG Board of Directors on August 14.

Data used to develop the Vision for the 2021 Regional Plan


Explore the details of the proposed transportation improvements, Mobility Hub locations, and anticipated reach of Flexible Fleets in our interactive data viewer and mapping tool (Español).

Data Viewer

View customized maps that illustrate important travel, population, land use, and economic trends in our ever-changing region.


5 Big Moves

The 5 Big MovesComplete Corridors, Transit Leap, Mobility Hubs, Flexible Fleets, and Next OS—are key strategies for a more vibrant, connected region. The vision for the 2021 Regional Plan includes each of the 5 Big Moves in order to reduce traffic congestion, meet regulatory requirements, and create more equitable access to jobs, education, healthcare, and other community resources.

Imagine how improvements of the vision network could be applied across the San Diego region through these conceptual renderings:  
Additional resources: 

Impacts of COVID-19 in transportation planning

SANDAG is monitoring and reporting on the social, economic, and transportation impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis.

A panel presentation - made to the SANDAG Transportation, Regional Planning, and Borders Committees on July 17, 2020 - includes information about how travel behavior changed due to the pandemic, and how this information could influence the 30-year vision for the 2021 Regional Plan.

A series of economic impact reports on employment rates, retail sales, and TransNet revenue forecasts are also available.



Visit our video library and click on the SANDAG Spotlight Series to learn about the 5 Big Moves and vision development process with SANDAG staff.

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Webinars and presentations

Industry experts and SANDAG staff share key information about data-driven planning, how transportation and housing influence our regional economy, opportunities for government to harness big data to improve our transportation system, and how private and public sectors are embracing innovations of the 5 Big Moves across the world.

Public participation

Join us in creating a better transportation system for the San Diego region. There are many ways to get involved.

About the Vision Lab

Physically located in SANDAG offices, the Vision Lab is a collaborative space for community members, elected officials, working groups, industry leaders, and SANDAG staff to explore ideas, data, and tools for developing our regional transportation vision. While SANDAG offices are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vision Lab resources are available digitally.