Regional Mobility Hub Strategy

As part of the fulfillment of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, SANDAG has developed a Regional Mobility Hub Strategy to demonstrate how transportation services, amenities, and supporting technologies can work together to make it easier for communities to access transit and other shared mobility choices.

View the Oceanside mobility hub visual simulation to see how mobility hub services and amenities can be implemented to enhance connections to/from transit and popular community and employment destinations. A wide range of shared mobility services and supporting technologies are highlighted.

The Mobility Hub Features Catalog describes the kinds of services, amenities, and technologies that make up a mobility hub like enhanced transit waiting areas featuring WiFi and real-time travel information; safe walkways and bikeways; secure bike parking; mobile retail services; dedicated bus lanes and smart intersection improvements; shared cars, scooters, and bikes; smart parking technology; and more.

Eight prototype sites within the San Diego region were identified to show how mobility hub features should be tailored to different communities. Each profile sheet is interactive – click on any mobility hub feature icon to learn more about the service or amenity within the Mobility Hub Features Catalog. 

The Implementation Considerations memo recommends strategies to facilitate mobility hubs including planning and policies, allocating space for hub features, data sharing, and public-private partnerships.

An Equity Considerations memo summarizes some benefits, challenges, and best practices associated with the equitable implementation of mobility hubs so that everyone benefits.

Project Funding
The project was partially funded by a Caltrans Emerging Priorities Program grant and was led by SANDAG in conjunction with the Imperial County Transportation Commission. Three mobility hub prototype sites were identified in Imperial County.

Next Steps
Staff is conducting analysis to identify a regionwide mobility hub network to serve commute and non-commute trip needs.

For More Information
Please contact Marisa Mangan, Associate Regional Planner, at (619) 595-5614 or [email protected].