Public Health

To help guide development of the Regional Plan, the Public Health White Paper was updated in March 2018 to reflect the latest research and societal trends associated with public health in the region.

Our general health and well-being is greatly impacted by our environment – where we live and work, how we travel, what we eat, and where and when we play. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses have been growing steadily in recent years, and significant attention has centered on the built environment and its impact on our lifestyle.

Research has shown that the potential for addressing and preventing some chronic diseases – as well as improving overall quality of life – can be directly linked to living in an environment that promotes physical activity, reduces air pollution, provides transportation choices, makes healthy foods easily accessible, maintains public safety, and ensures access to necessary medical services.

San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan will consider policies and programs geared toward maintaining and improving our overall health and well-being. Additionally, the Plan will provide guidance on how our communities will develop in ways that create healthy and more active living.