Regional Plan Documents

Regional Plan

The San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan (Regional Plan) combines the big-picture vision for how our region will grow over the next 35 years with an implementation program to help make that vision a reality. The Regional Plan, including its Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS), is built on an integrated set of public policies, strategies, and investments to maintain, manage, and improve the transportation system so that it meets the diverse needs of the San Diego region through 2050.

Our Region, Our Future

Chapter 1—Our Region, Our Future: A vision of healthy and thriving communities—presents an overall background on the San Diego region, as well as the challenges that our region faces. This chapter lays the framework for how to best guide the future growth of our region and build a transportation system that works for everyone, all in ways that protect our environment, support our economy, and maintain a quality of life.

A Strategy for Sustainability

Chapter 2—A Strategy for Sustainability: Smart Growth and environmental protection through transportation choices—includes the components of the Sustainable Communities Strategy required by SB 375; a discussion of how the Regional Plan incorporates the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA); a description of the planned transportation system; and, a discussion of how the proposed Plan reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Financing Our Future

Chapter 3—Financing Our Future: How we’ll pay for the Regional Plan—discusses how the transportation network will be paid for over the next 35 years.

Benefits of the Plan

Chapter 4—Benefits of the Plan: Fostering economic vitality—reviews the tangible benefits of the Regional Plan by describing how the Regional Plan promotes both economic vitality and social equity. Such benefits result from the transportation, smart growth, and environmental mitigation investments discussed in the Regional Plan.

Ensuring Performance

Chapter 5—Ensuring Performance: Implementing the Plan and monitoring our progress— Developing our Regional Plan is one thing. Taking action is another. This chapter discusses key actions we’ll take to implement the Regional Plan. We’ll also review how we’ll check our progress over time, to ensure that we realize our ambitious vision for the future.

Regional Plan Appendices

Errata to the 2021 Regional Plan
Appendix A: Transportation Projects, Costs, and Phasing
Appendix B: Air Quality Planning and Transportation Conformity
Appendix C: Sustainable Communities Strategy Documentation and Related Information
Appendix D: 2012 Greenhouse Gas Emission Inventory for the San Diego Region and Projections
Appendix E: Transportation System and Demand Management Programs, and Emerging Technologies
Appendix F: Public Involvement Program
Appendix G: Tribal Consultation Process for San Diego Forward: Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination
Appendix H: Social Equity: Engagement and Analysis
Appendix I: Consultation with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
Appendix J: Regional Growth Forecast
Appendix K: Glossary of Transportation Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms
Appendix L: Regional Housing Needs Assessment Plan
Appendix M: Transportation Project Evaluation Criteria and Rankings
Appendix N: Evaluating the Performance of the Transportation Network
Appendix O: Transportation Financial Background
Appendix P: Economic Analysis
Appendix Q: White Papers
Appendix R: Transportation Security and Safety
Appendix S: Monitoring Performance
Appendix T: SANDAG Travel Demand Model and Forecasting Documentation
Appendix U.1: The Coordinated Plan 2014-2018
Appendix U.2: Regional Complete Streets Policy
Appendix U.3: SANDAG Board of Directors Report: San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan: Alternative Land Use Scenarios
Appendix U.4: SANDAG Regional Transit Oriented Development Strategy
Appendix U.5: California Coastal Trail Technical Memoranda
Appendix U.6: Regional Aviation Strategic Plan and San Diego Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan
Appendix U.7: SANDAG Federal Congestion Management Process
Appendix U.8: San Diego Region Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategic Plan
Appendix U.9: Regional Energy Strategy for the San Diego Region and Regional Energy Strategy Goals Summary for the San Diego Region
Appendix U.10: Management Strategic Plan for Conserved Lands in Western San Diego County
Appendix U.11: Healthy Communities Atlas, San Diego Region
Appendix U.12: San Diego Regional Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan
Appendix U.13: Housing: Providing Homes for all Residents
Appendix U.14: Borders
Appendix U.15: Draft 2015 Freight Gateway Study Update
Appendix U.16: Active Transportation Implementation Strategy
Appendix U.17: Urban Area Transit Strategy