Continuing Action – Enhance our region’s ability to adapt to the consequences of climate change

The Shoreline Preservation Working Group advises SANDAG on issues related to the adopted Shoreline Preservation Strategy and opportunities for beach replenishment. Committee members include elected officials from the coastal cities and representatives from community groups, property owners, environmental groups, state and federal agencies, and Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

The Shoreline Preservation Working Group has held discussions on efforts to plan for and address sea level rise. SANDAG participates in the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative’s efforts to implement a $689,000 grant (received in early 2016) from NOAA’s Regional Coastal Resilience Grant Program. The project is helping to coordinate the local sea level rise initiatives underway, fill existing knowledge gaps in resilience planning, and engage scientific experts and community members. More info:

SANDAG continues work on various SB 1 Caltrans adaptation planning grants for regional climate resiliency and adaptation issues. The first grant focuses on developing a guidance document for impacts to regional transportation infrastructure caused by sea level rise (SLR); a final draft of this document was presented to the Shoreline Preservation Working Group in December 2019.

The second grant will qualitatively assess the non-SLR adaptation needs of the region; two rounds of interviews, including local jurisdictional staff, technical experts, and other informed state and federal agencies were conducted and analyzed, then documented in the draft adaptation needs assessment; a stakeholder meeting was held in November 2019 to share preliminary results and gather additional input. This grant will conclude in 2020.

The third grant will develop tools to guide local investments in climate adaptation and resilience strategies. Work on this effort will begin in early 2020.

SANDAG prepared and submitted two SB 1 project proposals for future work to build regional resiliency to impacts from and vulnerabilities to climate change on critical infrastructure. Caltrans grant funds are also being sought to prepare a feasibility study for a future regional beach sand nourishment project.  

SANDAG continues to participate in the San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative (SDRCC), including their Adaptation Policy Working Group, to coordinate climate adaptation efforts throughout the region.