Continuing Action – Implement Energy Roadmap Programs

SANDAG has executed a five-year contract with San Diego Gas & Electric to continue the Energy Roadmap Program, which provides free energy assessments and energy-management plans to SANDAG member agencies, with a focus on implementation and expanding subregional efforts. This effort is underway and is funded through calendar year 2020. This effort is being coordinated with the climate action planning support.

The SANDAG Energy Roadmap Program offers no-cost technical services to support preparation, implementation, and monitoring of local jurisdictions’ climate action plans (CAPs). The SANDAG Board of Directors accepted the Regional Climate Action Planning Framework in June 2018. SANDAG is also developing a Climate Change Solutions Report identifying other regional and statewide programs that could further support the needs of our member agencies and the region. SANDAG provided and continues to provide direct energy efficiency and related technical support to nine cities. Work continues to develop city-specific and regional GHG emissions inventories and monitoring reports.