Continuing Action – Leverage crossborder economic relationships

In April 2016, SANDAG, in partnership with Caltrans and the Imperial County Transportation Commission, initiated a study to evaluate the economic and air quality/climate impacts of delays at the California–Baja California Ports of Entry (POEs). The team used preliminary data to draft a three-volume report that summarizes the estimated economic and air quality impacts of delays at the California–Baja California POEs. They then began preparing for the availability of new data to use in the estimation models. Visit for study updates.

On December 10, 2019, SANDAG, in collaboration with the City of Tijuana and the State of Baja California, held a workshop in Tijuana, Mexico to discuss issues and explore solutions for improving crossborder mobility. The discussion was highlighted by presentations from each agency that described current approaches to mobility planning for both people and goods, as well as unique applications of 5 Big Moves concepts within the context of crossborder movements.