Continuing Action – Support the development of policies, programs, and funding for moving goods

SANDAG staff has worked with the U.S. Department of Transportation regarding the National Strategic Freight Plan to ensure that the San Diego region’s freight infrastructure is adequately represented within national surface transportation programs including Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century and Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.

SANDAG and Caltrans secured a $49 million FASTLANE grant to cover construction costs on Phase 2 State Route 11. SANDAG participated in the development of the California Sustainable Freight Action Plan and subsequently helped develop the Advanced Technologies at Border Ports of Entry pilot project work plan.

Additionally, staff continued work to implement the 2018 SB 1 Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP) Funds at the Border and participated in workshops to compete for 2019 funding. Staff also assisted Caltrans by providing regional context and projects for the 2020 California Freight Mobility Plan. Additionally, staff has continued discussions—through the Freight Stakeholder Working Group, a SANDAG standing committee—to start the selection process for the constrained and unconstrained freight Project Section of the 2021 Regional Plan. Staff continue to participate in statewide workshop meetings and conference calls to develop freight-planning comments and input on:

  • The Solutions for Congested Corridors Program
  • Several evolving Alternative Fuel and Emissions Containment Programs for Freight Projects