Continuing Action - Expand Shared Mobility Service

SANDAG continues to pursue opportunities to expand shared mobility services near Smart Growth Opportunity Areas in the region. Examples of shared mobility services include carsharing, bikesharing, real-time ridesharing, Transportation Network Companies (e.g., Uber, Lyft, Sidecar), neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs), scootershare, and on-demand shuttle and jitney services.

A few examples of how SANDAG is promoting shared use mobility within the region include:

  • Completed the Mid-Coast Mobility Hub Strategy, submitted the deliverables to FTA, and collaborated with local developers to integrate mobility hub features into their projects.
  • Continued partnership with Waze for an on-demand Carpool Incentive Pilot.
  • Developed campaign partnerships with Waze and Lyft for shared ride incentives during annual Rideshare campaign.
  • Initiated a privacy impact assessment (PIA) for the Mobility Data Clearinghouse.
  • Served as strategic advisor on a NEV rideshare pilot in the City of Oceanside (i.e., HOOT Rides).
  • Continued assisting North County coastal cities with bikeshare and NEV rideshare planning
  • Deployed a microtransit pilot in partnership with NCTD and the City of Carlsbad (i.e., Carlsbad Connector).
  • Continued to promote shared mobility services and supporting technologies through the intergovernmental review process.