2019 Federal Regional Transportation Plan

Draft 2019 Federal RTP: Fall 2019 

SANDAG is seeking public comments on the draft 2019 Federal RTP from October 4-22, 2019.

Thank you to those who provided input at the October 15, 2019 open house and the October 18, 2019 public hearing. You can still provide your input through an online comment form or email comments to SDForward@sandag.org. You also may submit comments via telephone at (619) 699-1934, toll free (877) 277-5736, and TTY (619) 699-1904; via fax at (619) 699-1995; and through the mail to ATTN: 2019 Federal RTP, 401 B Street, Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92101; and in person by dropping off written comments at SANDAG offices at the address above. Transit access to SANDAG offices is available via the Blue and Orange Line Trolley and MTS Routes 3, 30, 50, 120, 150, 215, 225, 235, 280, 290. Two-hour parking validation is available underground at the Wells Fargo Plaza building.

Chapters and Appendices:
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Our Region, Our Future
Chapter 2: A Strategy for Mobility
Chapter 3: Financing our Future
Chapter 4: Benefits of the Plan
Chapter 5: Ensuring Performance

Appendix A: Transportation Projects, Costs, and Phasing
Appendix B: Air Quality Planning and Transportation Conformity
Appendix C: SANDAG Federal Congestion Management Process 
Appendix D: Federal System Performance Report 
Appendix E: Transportation System and Demand Management Programs, and Emerging Technologies
Appendix F: Public Involvement Program
Appendix G: Tribal Consultation Process for San Diego Forward: The 2019 Federal Regional Transportation Plan: Communication, Cooperation, and Coordination
Appendix H: Social Equity: Engagement and Analysis
Appendix I: Stormwater and Resiliency 
Appendix J: Regional Growth Forecast
Appendix K: Glossary of Transportation Terms, Abbreviations, and Acronyms
Appendix L: Regional Housing Needs Assessment Plan
Appendix M: Transportation Project Evaluation Criteria and Rankings
Appendix N: Evaluating the Performance of the Transportation Network
Appendix O: Transportation Financial Background
Appendix P: Benefit Cost Analysis
Appendix Q: Travel and Tourism 
Appendix R: Transportation Security and Safety
Appendix S: Monitoring Performance
Appendix T: SANDAG Travel Demand Model Documentation
Appendix U.1: The 2018 Coordinated Plan 
Appendix U.2: Regional Complete Streets Policy
Appendix U.3: Interregional Tribal Transportation Strategy  
Appendix U.4: SANDAG Transit Oriented Development Strategy
Appendix U.5: California State Wildlife Plan
Appendix U.6: Regional Aviation Strategic Plan and San Diego Airport Multimodal Accessibility Plan
Appendix U.7: Regional Mobility Hub Implementation Strategy 
Appendix U.8: San Diego Region Intelligent Transportation Systems Strategic Plan
Appendix U.9: Regional Energy Strategy for the San Diego Region 
Appendix U.10: Management Strategic Plan for Conserved Lands in Western San Diego County
Appendix U.11: San Diego Regional Alternative Fuel Readiness Plan 
Appendix U.12: San Diego Regional Plug-In Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan
Appendix U.13: Housing: Providing Homes for all Residents
Appendix U.14: Borders
Appendix U.15: 2016 Freight Gateway Study Update
Appendix U.16: Active Transportation Implementation Strategy 
Appendix U.17: Urban Area Transit Strategy
Appendix U.18: 2015 Regional Plan Sustainable Communities Strategy
Appendix U.19: California Coastal Trail Technical Memoranda 


The SANDAG Board of Directors approved an action plan on February 22, 2019, to develop a bold new vision for the 2021 Regional Plan with the goal to transform the way people and goods move throughout the San Diego region by providing compelling alternatives to driving. While work progresses to develop this new vision, SANDAG has been preparing Federal Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) to retain air quality conformity approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation and protect funding for the region’s transportation investments. In addition, state legislation, AB 1730, was signed into law on October 8, 2019, which ensures the current 2015 Regional Plan remains valid for state funding eligibility and other consistency purposes until the new plan is adopted in late 2021.

New Federal Ruling

In late September 2019, the federal government issued a rule that enables the federal government to provide nationwide fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for automobiles and light trucks. Prior to this federal ruling, California could enforce stricter greenhouse gas standards and zero emission vehicle mandates.

The Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule Part One will go into effect on November 26, 2019. By this date, if a federal RTP is not adopted by SANDAG and an air quality conformity determination made by federal agencies, SANDAG, Caltrans, MTS, NCTD, the 18 cities and County of San Diego will be at risk of losing funding eligibility.

To avoid the risk of the region losing millions of dollars in funding, SANDAG has advanced completion of what was previously under development as the 2020 Federal RTP, now referred to as the 2019 Federal RTP. The SANDAG Board will be asked to adopt the 2019 Federal RTP in fall 2019, so that federal agencies may complete their reviews and issue approval by November 26, 2019.

Under the new more aggressive schedule, SANDAG will still hold a public hearing and give stakeholders a reasonable opportunity to comment on the 2019 Federal RTP. SANDAG will need cooperation from all its stakeholders and the public to meet the goal of having the 2019 Federal RTP approved by the SANDAG Board and federal agencies before the federal rule goes into effect on November 26, 2019. While the attorney generals of 22 states, including California, filed a lawsuit against the federal administration on September 20, 2019, it will likely take months for a court to rule on the matter.

Developing the 2019 Federal RTP

The 2019 Federal RTP will look to carry forward the projects, programs, and policies included in the 2015 Regional Plan, while development of the 2021 Regional Plan continues. The 2019 Federal RTP will use the latest modeling tools and Regional Growth Forecast as well as updated costs and revenue assumptions and meet all federal RTP requirements.

Key milestones for developing the 2019 Federal RTP include:

  • July 26, 2019: SANDAG Board Meeting, Item 18: Proposed draft transportation network
  • July 22-August 21, 2019: Public comment period for proposed draft transportation network
  • September 27, 2019: Update the SANDAG Board on the federal ruling and recommended next steps for the Draft 2019 Federal RTP preferred transportation network
  • October 4-22, 2019: Public comment period for Draft 2019 Federal RTP
  • October 15, 2019: Open house for Draft 2019 Federal RTP
  • October 18, 2019: SANDAG Transportation Committee, Item 9: Public hearing for Draft 2019 Federal RTP
  • October 25, 2019: SANDAG Board considers adoption of the 2019 Federal RTP
  • November 2019: Anticipated 2019 Federal RTP adoption and air quality conformity finding

Community Involvement

Community input is critical to creating a federal RTP that reflects the varied needs, values, and interests of the San Diego region’s residents and businesses. Input provided during the development of the 2019 Regional Plan – through a series of subregional open houses and workshops, community-based outreach events, and via an online comment tool – provided a solid foundation to start developing this plan.

Outreach for the 2019 Federal RTP will use key engagement techniques from the Public Involvement Plan for San Diego Forward: The 2021 Regional Plan, such as open houses, use of social media, an online comment tool, and visualizations. SANDAG is partnering with a regionwide network of 12 Community Based Organizations to engage low-income, minority, senior, and disabled populations in the planning process and a tribal consultation process is being implemented with the support of the Southern California Tribal Chairmen’s Association to ensure the region’s 17 tribal nations are included. To learn more about our Community Based Organizations and our social equity efforts, please visit the Promoting Social Equity page. 

Proposed Draft Transportation Network: Summer 2019

The public comment period for the proposed draft transportation network for the 2019 Federal RTP was available July 22-August 21, 2019 and SANDAG held an open house on August 13. Information about the proposed draft transportation network was presented at several SANDAG meetings where members of the public were welcome to join and provide comments: