Continuing Action – Implement their Energy Roadmap Programs

Since Plan adoption, SANDAG has executed a new five-year contract with San Diego Gas & Electric to continue the Energy Roadmap Program, which provides free energy assessments and energy management plans to SANDAG member agencies, with a focus on implementation and expanding subregional efforts.

In support of plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) adoption and implementation of the San Diego Regional Plug-in Electric Vehicle Readiness Plan, SANDAG has partnered with the Center for Sustainable Energy to launch Plug-in SD and provide local stakeholders strategic and technical guidance to help ensure the San Diego region is PEV ready.

Funded through a two-year grant from the California Energy Commission, Plug-in SD supports the development of resources and direct technical assistance available to a variety of PEV stakeholders:

  • Local Governments: permitting and inspection best practices, technical assistance consultations
  • Contractors: permitting and installation standards
  • Employers: “PEV 101” workplace charging workshops, information on incentives and PEV-friendly policies
  • Multiunit Dwelling Building Owners: electric vehicle charging station siting assistance, connection cost and fee information, technical assistance consultations
  • EV Dealerships: consumer information and incentive details

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As part of a new CEC grant, SANDAG will perform a regional electric vehicle planning analysis to, among other things, identify locations where additional electric vehicle charging infrastructure is needed in the region. This effort is expected to be completed in FY18.